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JavaScript sucks.
    Our code suck less.”
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ToDo: (in spare time besides of FAVOR.com.ua project)
  1. Release new version of the Handpad. (But Handpad contains it's own to-do list itself. I plan to make to improve it to something like lite version of the OneNote (with pure plain text only), connected and synchronized with Toodledo. Plus in far future should have it should be synced with Dropbox, or even have its own stand-alone cloud accounts.)
  2. Connect my blog to broadcast all relevant posts on this page.
  3. Navigation map should reflect all my projects. Both active and abandoned (but which still available in the Internet).
  4. Release any JavaScript code snippet. I think that it should be
  5. Update my Delphi components for Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  6. Update my Delphi components for latest Delphi/C++ Builder versions.
Story /
I am Oleksii Kuznietsov aka UtilMind. I have created tons of software since 1992 when I started programming in Turbo Pascal for MS-DOS. More bio will be added soon.

What I am doing /
This website was abandoned for 18 years. Now I'm about to relaunch it to share my thoughts, ideas, code snippets, sketches and drafts, examples of my work and other stuff (useful and not too much). Most of code which I share here is freeware, some is cheap shareware.

Photo gallery: (section temporary unavailable)
  • All photos is unprocessed originals without filters.
  • All photos without human faces and vehicle numbers avaliable under CC-SA 4.0 license, if other license type not specified individually on the picture page. (But some photos with human faces can be «share-aware» by Creative Commons license too, if corresponding permission notice provided.)
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